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La Bella Portugal

Portugal, so close and sometimes so unknown. This proposal aims to make known a country full of beauty, with places so surprising that will delight our companions.

Sample Program

Day 1: Madrid - Zamora. After picking up, we will leave early from Madrid in the direction of Fermoselle (Zamora). The route that we suggest enters Portugal by one of the most beautiful places of the Iberian Peninsula, the Arribes del Duero Natural Park. The erosion of the terrain on the part of the river Duero has originated a series of valleys. The peculiarity of its orography has given rise to a Mediterranean microclimate with a great diversity of vegetal species and, especially, birds. We will make a visit in a river cruise that will be of enormous enjoyment for all the lovers of the natural spaces.

Day 2: Miranda de Douro - Oporto. After spending the night in the surroundings, we will go to Porto, Portugal's second most important city and with a certain "British" aroma since English wine merchants settled here. Its historical center has been declared a historical monument of Humanity. In this way, we will be able to visit the city's glamor and visit its famous wineries on the banks of the Duero.

Day 3: Oporto. Cultural visit and excursion to Guimaraes, cradle of the nation and the Portuguese language. Its excellently preserved historic center has also been declared a World Heritage Site. We will visit, among other beauties, the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza.

Day 4: Oporto - Nazaré. (Includes en route to Aveiro, known as the Venice of the Atlantic)

Day 5: Nazaré. Small fishing village with excellent cuisine. We will visit its spectacular beach and, in the late afternoon, we will have occasion to see the arrival of the fishermen who, by means of oxen, take their boats from the sea by the same beach. From Nazaré we will make two visits: Alcobaça and Batalha. In Alcobaça we will visit its Cistercian Monastery, with one of the biggest kitchens you can imagine. In Batalha we will visit its grandiose monastery, national pride and Manueline art exhibition.

Day 6: Nazaré - Lisbon. We will travel to Lisbon not before making a visit and stroll through the walled city of Obidos. As you walk through the labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, each step reveals vestiges of various civilizations that will impress any visitor. From the lost corners and walled gardens of the ancient medina to the Gothic, Renaissance and baroque features of the village, Óbidos stands out as an extensive work of art that has been carved, ruined and restored over the centuries. After visiting Óbidos, and depending on how the day unfolds, we will make a new stop in Peniche, a former penal city to visit the Berlengas archipelago, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (if the state of the sea allows).

Day 7: Lisbon. What to say about Lisbon? Perhaps one of the most beautiful cities to stroll, sit down to have a coffee in its cheerful terraces, visit the new Chiado reconstructed after the dramatic fire of 1988, climb to the Castle of San Jorge, visit the entresijo of streets of the fishing district of the Alfama And of course, admire its thousand and one stories, museums and points full of interest.

Day 8: Lisbon - Merida. In Mérida we can make a brief visit to its Roman remains, such as its Roman Theater dating from the 15th century to C. and cataloged as one of the twelve wonders of Spain, or the Museum of Roman Art.

Day 9: Merida - Madrid.