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Transylvania and its legend

It is the most romantic province of Romania. Its very name gives rise to images of mountain peaks rising into the sky over valleys of forests and crystalline rivers, images of small wooden churches with high ceilings, images of legendary castles and memories of a hectic history.

Sample Program

Day 1: Madrid - Bucharest. We will arrive at the "City of Joy" according to its history to visit the city center. Bucharest in the 1930s was called the little Paris and today we can see why. The grand Arc de Triomphe, its tree-lined boulevards, bustling and lively cafes as well as its emblematic places such as the Ateneo, the National Museum of Art and, in short, its bohemian atmosphere will delight all visitors.

Day 2: Bucharest - Brasov. We will start the journey to Transylvania by stopping at Sinaia, a city famous for its hiking trails and whose name comes from the Monastery of Sinaia in honor of Mount Sinai. After a winding mountain road, we will reach Brasov, a medieval city with lively streets where we will visit, among other monuments, the Black Basilica.

Day 3: Brasov (Bran). As it could not be otherwise, we will move to nearby Bran Castle, the famous castle where Bran Stocker inspired his novel Dracula based on the legend of Vlad Dracula III who did not even live in this Castle. Therefore the visit, besides its legend, will offer us the possibility to contemplate the imposing construction of this Castle and its magnificent location.

Day 4: Brasov - Sighisoara.

Day 5: Sighisoara. The beautiful city of Sighisoara also keeps alive the legend of Vlad in this mysterious corner of Transylvania. The image of the city surprises all who visit it. Its old houses, its macabre clock tower, its old cemetery, its undulating relief, its doors, turrets, its sinuous streets and its medieval air make you feel transported to the past. And this Transilvana city, which joins the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, is one of the few inhabited medieval towns in the area today and one of the key destinations in Romania.

Day 6: Sighisoara - Miercurea - Sibiu. After leaving Sighisoara, we will make a stop in the beautiful Miercurea to continue to Sibiu.

Day 7: Sibiu. Founded by Saxons in the 12th century, it possesses the charm of well-preserved medieval towns. We will visit the Upper City, the Lower City, its fortifications and we will continue to be deceived by its charming atmosphere.

Day 8: Sibiu - Romnicu Valcea. Returning from Transylvania, we will spend the night in this city located in a fabulous environment where we will have the opportunity to take a bath in Ostroveni pools of fresh and salt water.

Day 9: Romnicu Valcea-Bucharest-Madrid