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The tourist does not know where he has been

The traveler does not know where he is going

Paul Theroux

Serve these well-known words of the American writer to avoid a controversy as old as barren. It is an atavistic custom to position and classify the human species in at least two classes: north or south, left or right, of ours or others, tourist or traveler.


Beyond determining what is right or proper, we will limit ourselves to saying that, as is almost always the case, each one's inheritance, his experiences and fears determine, to a great extent, the behavior of each one of us.

We are not here, therefore, to determine anything. In short, travel each one for the reason or without reason that creates, or not, convenient and extract from its adventure the appropriate conclusions.

As François de Rochefoucauld, among other abilities, said: "We would often be ashamed of our most beautiful actions, if the world knew all the motives that produce them"

Let everyone draw their own conclusions and travel with us.